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As many of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know, I recently launched TempNum, a (currently) free service that gives you a temporary phone number for three days to use for both inbound and outbound calls.

I wanted to write a blog post going into more detail about the service, why/how I built it, etc. But given that this slice of the internet has been more about my personal non-tech adventures, I decided against posting the whole thing here and instead put a post up on tumblr.

Check out the post over on tumblr if you’re interested in some of the techy/geeky things I’m doing with my life.

And if you’re not interested in that sort of thing, carry on and check back in here later.

P.S. I’m wrestling with how to manage my online presence and balance some more techy things I want to write about with the more silly and more personal anecdotes that you’ve spent six (SIX!) years getting used to here. Keep them separate, or bring them together? What goes where? Thoughts?

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